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The cover promised that it was an erotic, poignant and slyly satirical debut. Erotic turned out to mean there was a lot of sex, of the casual sort where characters are having a conversation and offhandedly performing acts on each other while they do it. Poignant turned out meaning depressively cynical about human nature and relationships- I think nearly all relationships in the book were really dysfunctional and abusive and the one that was not was surrounded by abuse and dysfunction that nevertheless destroyed it. Codies parents seemed to value their mind games over and above her wellbeing- her father used her as a pawn to get at her mother and her mother took out her frustration on her, and allowed it to happen. Dee is a narcissist and a control freak and while Anwa seems a beautiful person (if you overlook the fact she seduces a 13 year old girl and pretty much controls her from then on in), Anwa is also not free.As for slyly satirical I had to rack my brains to remember any satire but that is right there was some heavy-handed satire around Codies career in publishing and the sort of greedy or silly people who try to get things published. That rang true but then again the harem component of this book smacked of talking rabbits in a way as well! The harem stuff was under-researched (if it was researched at all) and anachronistic. For example strawberries in the middle east? Dont strawberries grow in cold climates? I may be wrong about that but there were also at least two instances of word-plays that depended on English language and the whole thing seemed like an exoticised, culturally unaware, orientalist dream.Which means the author or Sari added all the brutality and non-consensual or underage sex for some reason other than historical accuracy which makes it all a bit disturbing. I did initially like the idea of harem girls being female oriented with their own sexuality and forming strong couples. It seemed like an idea that is underexplored, the agency that oppressed people have and also questions around economically being better off in the opulance of the hareem rather than living as peasants or labourers (and possibly having to alone satisfy a man). I felt there were some rich possibilities in some of that, but the plot seemed to twist instead to richly described acts of violence and cats copulating, to waxing lyrical about the romance between two who consider themselves ultimate lovers (but lets remember in the end they are teenagers- though then again so were Romeo and Juliet) and also we get pulled by the narrative back to Codies neuroticism and Dees emotional abuse. I didnt see a real link between the two apart from maybe being imagination, but the fate of Anwa then was puzzling.If you (like me) are determined to read a lot more books with lesbians in it then this is a book with lesbians in it. Still I wouldnt prioritise it. If I had emotionally invested in the characters or their world view at all I suspeect I would need therapy right now. It left a not so good aftertaste in my mind in any case.

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